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6 Reasons Why Every Job Seeker Should Take a Sales Training Course, and 3 Reasons Why They Won’t

Just to make sure I don’t bury the lead on this article, if you are currently unemployed and struggling with the job search process, Frontline Learning is offering over 40 free e-learning courses including a comprehensive consultative sales training course with over 20 hours of online content. See the bottom of the article for more details.

 The three lowest points in my life coincided with being unemployed and looking for a new job. More than 20 years later there is one particular job interview that still disturbs me.  I remember knowing two things as the interview was winding up.  First,  I was pretty sure that I could do the job effectively.  Second,  I knew without a doubt I was not getting the job because the interview had gone so poorly.  Nothing I said seemed to be the “right” answer and every time I tried to clarify myself or re-explain,  it just got worse. Like the most horrible first date you can imagine where she doesn’t laugh at any of your jokes but you really,  really like her and so you try harder.  And she sees  your desperation. 

But instead of doing the decent human thing and least pretending to be mildly amused,  she gulps her wine and rolls her eyes and then giggles sarcastically when the waiter stops by to ask if we are enjoying our evening. Not that this has ever happened to me personally, but I’ve heard it can be a humiliating experience. Bottom line: being really great at your job doesn’t mean you are really great at finding a new job. Read more