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Personal Energy Assessment


Personal Energy Assessment

Chapter 4 of Workplace Poker is titled “Fuel Your Fire” and focuses on the personal energy required to drive a high trajectory career. Occasionally I meet someone who tells me they don’t have the time to master all of the skills and strategies I cover in the book, while also getting all of their “actual work” done. Or they tell me  they have other priorities (“I don’t want to give up my family time.”) or they’ve decided that it’s all just too overwhelming, too much work, and usually end with something like “I guess I just don’t want it badly enough.”

Then they give me that sad puppy look which is supposed to elicit sympathy from me. To which I respond cheerfully with these three statements…

Perceived lack of time usually = lack of energy

Perceived conflict in priorities usually = lack of energy

Perceived lack of motivation usually = lack of energy

And then I recommend they focus on developing greater energy to apply to all of their “real work” and other priorities. Amazing things can happen when you work on the four energy types I discuss in the book:

  • Physical Energy
  • Mental Energy
  • Emotional Energy
  • Aspirational Energy

There is significant research supporting the positive impact on productivity in a broad range of businesses when investments are made to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and aspirational energy of employees.

Unfortunately some of these same people who complain about lack of time, etc. then tell me they lack the time/energy/whatever to work on their energy. At that point I just give them mt best flight attendant disembarking smile and say “buh bye now.”

I’m certain YOU are not one of those people, so you can complete my free Personal Energy Assessment to determine the degree to which you have opportunity for development in any of these four areas.

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