Are you playing the game, or just getting played?

The Book

The Book

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About the Author

Dan Rust is the founder of Frontline Learning, an international publisher of corporate training resources. His award-winning keynote speeches and workshops focus on employee engagement, productivity and career management. In “Workplace Poker” he uses a wide variety of real-life stories that will be familiar to everyone who has ever faced a setback, complication, or challenge in the workplace—whether it’s a difficult supervisor, flawed co-worker, sudden business downturn or just plain bad luck—and offers proven guidance and strategies for successfully handling them.

While the book starts out with great advice regarding office politics, it is ultimately about so much more than that. This is really a complete master class in career management.”

—Ariel Avestruz, Account Manager


This is a must-read for any ambitious career professional.”

—Steve Groves, President, Due North Outdoors


I wish I had read this 20 years ago. I could have avoided a lot of headaches and missteps. And my career probably would have gone farther, faster.”

—Marc Kramer, Founder, ProjectWorks


I recommend reading it once for fun, because the humor and compelling stories are entertaining. Then read it a second time for your professional development. Because the strategies and insights can definitely accelerate your career.”

—Connie Edelman, Finance Director