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How to Fine-Tune Your Résumé


It’s one of the first things people think to do after losing a job: quickly get a résumé into as many hands as possible. But career experts say doing so without a strategic plan is a mistake becauses it wastes time and energy and typically results in few callbacks. Here’s how to fine-tune your résumé: Read more

Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers

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Age isn’t always an advantage when you’re job searching, especially in a competitive job market. Hiring managers can view older workers as more expensive to hire, as having outdated experience or too much experience, or as not being current with today’s technology and workplaces.

One way to overcome the perception that your age is an issue, is to age proof and edit your resume. Limiting what you include on your resume, from a chronological perspective, can help job seekers avoid the stigma of being considered “too old” by a prospective employer. Read more

Resume Booster Exercise #1

I am going to assume because you are reading this you are unemployed. Most likely you have recently been sacked. Canned. Dismissed. Layed off. Cut from the herd. Banished from the tribe.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a job.

You’re job at this point is clear – to find a new job. And not just any job. Your job is to turn this situation around and make your next position a step up. No one can guarantee you will be completely successful in this effort, but you need to aim high and focus on a compelling, positive outcome.

Because in the battle for the best jobs, there will be casualties. And those who are shell-shocked and stunned are typically the first to perish. Great leaders in battle can see it in the eyes of some soldiers; the fear and confusion and doubt and dismay, and great leaders know that unless they can change the mindset of these individuals, they are likely to be the first to die.

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