Are you playing the game, or just getting played?

The Negative Genie Appears

This is a guest post from Jim Thomas, the “Transition Guru.”

Let us assume you are in transition and would like to achieve all your goals for employment and a very successful career. Better yet, how about having every wish we wanted become reality. Well, what if a Genie appeared and granted every wish we asked? One thing I think we would all agree to— all of our wishes would be positive requests. I do not think that anyone would wish for bad health, to be poor or without wealth and prosperity, or no friends or loved ones in our lives. I could go on but I think you get the point. All of our wishes would be positive. However, if there was a positive Genie ready to grant our wishes, the opposite must exist. 

What about that negative Genie? You know the one who says you are not ready for that interview, they will not hire you because you are too old, too fat, you have not worked in six months so why would we hire you, etc., etc. We conjure up that negative Genie every time we have doubt, fear, disappointment, or stressed about our situation or life. Who is this negative Genie and what gives him/her the right to crush what we think we want? Why does this Genie show up when things are not going well in our lives?

I suspect you have determined by now that you are the negative Genie in your life. Your thoughts and actions that question your future success or opportunities create that puff of smoke, and there is that negative Genie ready to grant every negative thought you think. Your thoughts are very powerful and if your self-talk is about negative thoughts, you will experience what you spend most of your time thinking.

Spend more of our time thinking about what we want to accomplish and realize that we must keep positive thoughts flowing to enhance the chance of achieving our wishes. Then the positive Genie will have a better chance of appearing and granting our wishes.

James E. Thomas III
Secret Sauce Career Coach
Fairfax, VA.