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Career Guidance for Sociopaths

Career Guidance for Sociopaths

A sociopath is defined in clinical terms as an individual lacking morality, emotions, or the ability to empathize with others. This is often coupled with a superficial charm, persuasiveness, focus, and egomania.

But just because many serial killers are sociopaths does not mean that most sociopaths are serial killers. Most of them live among us, successfully engaged in careers and personal relationships that align with their psychological traits, and in some cases even reward them.

I’ve listed below the top 7 career paths which seem to be most closely aligned with the natural psychology of a sociopath.

Sociopaths seem to be especially good at the job search process, whether seeking their first significant job out of college, continuously pushing their career progression forward, or recovering from a sudden unexpected layoff.

7 Best Careers for Sociopaths

Think about the careers where empathy and deep emotional connection with others would be a hindrance, while at the same time charm, persuasiveness, and intense focus are required to succeed.

1. Lawyer

Shakespeare hated them for a reason. Lawyers have a reputation for representing the interests of their (often criminal) clients without regard to the actual truth of a situation. It has been said that we all hate ruthless lawyers, until we need one.

2. CEO

Capitalist positions of leadership offer power, autonomy, command, and status — a perfect battlefield for the ambitious and ruthless to compete.

3. Clergy

What better way to fulfill your God complex than become one his messengers? If you embody and speak for the higher forces of the universe, people’s admiration and congregation around you will constantly stroke the darkest portions of your vanity.

4. Surgeon

The field of surgery offers more than the power of life and death. It’s a clinical world of high-pressure stakes, where decisions must be made without emotion. What job nurtures a bigger power complex, than one where you can cut people open on a daily basis, tinker with their frail internal mechanics, highlight your status as a giver or taker of life?

5. Politician

Whatever your party affiliation, there’s always plenty of room for sociopaths in the political arena. You can acquire great power over others with minimal responsibility or accountability. You can leverage your inherent charm and persuasiveness, without the boring “dirty work” of actually getting things done.

6. Salesperson

The most important two characteristics of a professional salesperson are integrity and empathy for others – and once you have the ability to fake those, you’ll do great. Seriously though, this is the perfect job for someone with manipulative charm, who can leverage half-truths to convince a customer and close a sale. For those who like to compete for status and feed an ego through the defeat of colleagues, there is no better place to be than sales.

7. Police Officer

The literal badge of power and authority on your chest, a deadly weapon on your hip along with the authority to use it. Luckily most police officers are not sociopaths, but those who are will abuse their power, resent the people they are meant to protect, and use cold-hearted superiority to justify their viciousness. It’s an unfortunate reality that some of the biggest criminals lurk among those who’ve sworn to uphold the law.