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Angry Client? Listen and Keep Your Cool.

Angry Client? Listen and Keep Your Cool. –

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The Ultimate Secret to Fast Learning

Fast Learning

Want to pick up a new skill?

Don’t we all. And we also want it to happen fast, so fast.

And preferably without any effort as well.

Well, I do have one secret that at least will “make it feel” like there’s no effort. And I can guarantee that it will speed up your progress. Here’s the secret. Read more

Customer Service: Can Low Energy Cause a Bad Attitude?


We all know how important it is for anyone in a customer service position to exhibit a customer-friendly attitude. Whether on the telephone or face-to-face, customers almost instantly assess the attitude of person they are dealing with.

Most customer service organizations work hard to only hire individuals who exhibit great customer-friendly attitudes, and they often provide training, communication and other activities to reinforce the importance of customer sensitivity.

So why then do we still experience so many people in customer service position whose attitude toward customers seems to be apathetic, bored, annoyed or frustrated – or occasionally all of these at the same time?

One fundamental reason may be low energy. If you think about the typical customer service job, it can be incredibly draining and challenging, even for those with fantastic attitudes. Read more

How to Handle the Customer from Hell


How Do You Handle an Unreasonable Customer?

We all have had customers from hell. They lie to us. They treat us like dogs. They complain. They squeeze us for every last dollar. So what should you do?

Of course the easy (and often unrealistic) answer is to just get rid of them. Unfortunately these difficult people are sometimes among your biggest and most profitable customers. So is this just the price you have to pay in order to do business with them? Maybe. Maybe not.

Your natural instinct with difficult clients will be to minimize interactions with them, avoid any potentially troublesome topics and NEVER be the person delivering bad news. I am going to humbly suggest that you should first try working against your natural instincts, and in that spirit, here are four guiding principles for dealing with difficult clients:

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