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Online Job Search Tips

Searching for jobs online can be convenient and efficient if done correctly or frustrating and time-consuming if done incorrectly. While you may see thousands of job listings right at your fingertips, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and waste opportunities if you’re applying carelessly or using standard website settings. Adjusting to this new job-search process may seem confusing, but it isn’t impossible.

The job search has changed from printed résumés and pounding the pavement to online job boards and one-click applications. Here are some do’s and don’ts for job-searching online. Read more

Avoid These Job Search “Landmines”

If you’re being honest, you can probably name a bad habit or two that impacts your personal life. But what about those not-so-great behaviors related to your job search?

We’ve identified four habits you might need to kick to put yourself at the front of the hiring line, and provide tips for overcoming these potential stumbling blocks. Read on to see if any of these following bad habits ring true: Read more

Why a Portfolio is a Must for Every Serious Job Seeker

Job interviews used to be about showing up, answering questions and being polite and professional. Now, with how competitive it is to get a job, successful candidates need to also focus on proving their usefulness to the company and their uniqueness as professionals.


Portfolios — visual representation of previous work — have been go-to job search tools for copywriters, graphic designers and artists for years. But the benefits of a portfolio can be reaped by any serious job applicant, regardless of the industry. While they shouldn’t replace résumés, portfolios can help bring your experience to life. Read more

Strategies for Successful Interviewing

The job interview is a brief, but crucial, component of the employment process.  If you are thinking of re-entering the working world after a hiatus or starting to look for a new opportunity after a long tenure with your current firm, it’s wise to brush up on what to expect during an interview.

Especially if the position you’re interviewing for involves managing a large office and juggling numerous administrative responsibilities, the ability to present yourself well and inspire confidence is critical. By taking note of these key interview strategies, you can make the best possible impression and land the position you seek. Read more